Saturday, April 30, 2011

My husband can't be trusted...

My husband can’t be trusted… in a grocery store that is. I wish I could tell you that the words “Um... I may have bought two whole lobsters” have never been uttered from his lips, but that is not the case. It is unknown where Jeremy found his love of cooking, but I’m sure glad he did! I feel like I’m living with a gourmet chef! I am truly blessed :)
Jeremy has no fear of adding anything and everything in the kitchen to his creations.  I can’t recall the first meal he ever made me, but I’m sure it was absolutely amazing! The way he cooks is wildly entertaining, because he loves to do it, and because he pretends he knows what he’s doing. :P I’m sorry to admit this… but he is a much better cook than I. 
One night, I proclaimed to my husband that I was in the mood for baked chicken… and this is what came out of that.
I believe that every lemon flavored item we possess went into this dish. It was kind of like baked chicken and lemon bread. The bread was a result of the egg and flower that was put into the marinade. Chicken was added to the dish, and it was put in the oven. We weren’t sure how it was going to taste… but it was surprisingly good!
When at the grocery store, we usually purchase frozen chicken. First because we love it and second because it can be kept for a long period of time. In recent events, however, we decided to give tilapia a whirl, and it has proven to be a very good choice. This dish consisted of tilapia baked in butter and lemon, boiled spinach, lasagna noodles, fried asparagus, a dash of Alfredo sauce and an assortment of spices and oils. If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, we also had these amazing “cheese sticks”. This was not an original recipe, however, but rather one he found in the cook book my sister, Chris, gave me for Christmas. These “cheese sticks”, as they are called, put me in mind of Red Lobster rolls… except they had the consistency of a pretzel.
Possibly the best desert I have ever tasted was this apple masterpiece. Traditionally it is made with peaches, but I prefer the apples. This recipe, like the last, was taken from the “Taste of Home Cookbook”. This pie like creation was made of a flowery substance for the crust, brown sugar, cinnamon and other spices in the middle,
and apples on top. The “pie” was then baked and taken out of the oven.
At that point a custard like mixture was added, making the apples float to the top, and it was placed in the oven once again to finish baking. It was simply amazing, and I must admit I ate all but one piece. :P
This was our amazing attempt at making biscotti. I have never attempted this process before, and it was very interesting. Almost like making a giant chocolate cookie and then cutting it. These were strangely addicting.      


  1. I LOVE to experiment in the kitchen! I'm SO GLAD summer is almost here so I will have time to cook again - I've been living off of quick and easy food all semester. Some of those look so fun!

  2. Yeah it's so fun! I hope we get this house, cuz it has lots of counter space for cooking :)