Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is what came out of that... Introduction

This blog is the result of a very bored mother and wife. Basically, I'm going to write about interesting food my husband makes me, projects we do, and stories about our kids and my life as a mom. If none of this sounds interesting to you... you should probably stop reading like... now. However, if you are one of the, most likely very few people, to actually be intrigued by this... then read on... I would love for you to listen to my nonsense.

DISCLAIMER: I am a horrible writer with an even worse vocabulary. On the contrary, my friend Laura Cardy should turn her blogs into books... they are just that good. I highly suggest reading them.


  1. Actually, I think your writing is very good. It is substantive, well developed, and pulls the reader in to the narrative. Well done - in my opinion.

  2. I am giddy with honor right now. :) Like, bouncing in my computer chair, glowing over that praise! And I'm definitely interested in reading your blog!

  3. Thanks aunt Cheryl! Hopefully you'll think the same about my future blogs as well :)

    Laura- Every night when Jeremy and Tyler go to sleep I get my "me time". Sometimes I clean, sometimes I do laundry, and sometimes I pay bills, but I almost always (unless I'm a walking zombie that night) read your blog. I know it's kind of stalkerish, but I love it! :)