Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sophia the First freeze pop holder

My kids are always getting their little fingers frozen when eating freeze pops, so here's a perfect solution! I had a fun request for a Sophia the First inspired one, so here's a tutorial! (Please link back to this post if you use my pattern and tutorial)

This pattern is the property of Brooke Rabideau at BluebabyboutiqueDesignsbyBBB, or brabideau on Ravelry  Feel free to sell any items made, but please link back to me if you share :) 

Sophia the First freeze pop holder

What you'll need:
    *Size H and F hook
    *I love this yarn in purple, off white, brown, white, black, and grey (will work with any yarn)
    *Crochet needle for sewing in ends

Gauge: With H hook, 8sc and 9 rows= 2”x 2”

    *Ch- chain
    *slst- slip stitch
    *sc- single crochet
    *hdc- half double crochet

For the holder
With purple yarn and an H hook:

Round 1: Ch 7, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 4ch, 3sc in last chain, (continuing around and up the other side of the chain) sc in next 6ch, attach with slst to top of first sc. (15sc)

Round 2-9: Ch 1, hdc in next stitch and each stitch around, slst into top of first hdc (skip over the ch 1).
Like a mini sleeping bag :P

Change color to off white or other skin tone

Round 10-13: Ch 1, hdc around and slst into top of first hdc.

Change color to brown for the hair

Round 14&15: Ch 1, hdc around and slst into top of first hdc. Fasten off and weave in ends

Dress flower
With an F hook and white yarn, make 4:

Round 1: With a magic circle, ch 1, 4sc into magic circle, slst into top of first sc (skip over chain).

Round 2: Ch 2, sc in second chain from hook,  slst to stitch 2 of the previous round. Fasten off and leave a long tail. Sew flowers to bottom of dress and weave in ends.

Sew a simple face with black yarn
I just made 2 knots and sewed them on for the eyes :)

For the hair
With brown yarn:
Cute a few little strips about 2 inches long, fold them in half, and attach to top of head. (Here's a great tutorial)

Click here for the directions to the crown
Make sure to sew crown onto head over the hair to help the hair stay down :)

And you're done!
Think of all the fun freeze pop cozies you could make! :)

Fun little holders!

Mini crochet crown

This is my first free pattern post! It will be short and sweet! This is my original pattern, so please link back to my blog if you use it :)

This pattern is the property of Brooke Rabideau at BluebabyboutiqueDesignsbyBBB, or brabideau on Ravelry  Feel free to sell any items made, but please link back to me if you share :) 

Crochet Mini Crown
Every little girl needs a crown for her dog right? :P

What you'll need:
    *Size F hook
    *I love this yarn in orange (will work with any yarn)
    *Crochet needle for sewing in ends

Gauge: With H hook, 8sc and 9 rows= 2”x 2”

    *slst- slip stitch
     *sc- single crochet
     *hdc- half double crochet
     *dc- double crochet
     *mp- mini picket (ch2, slst in 1st ch) 

For the crown
With orange yarn and an f hook:
Chain 27, slst in 2nd ch from hook and in next 10 ch, sc, hdc, (2dc, mp, 2dc) all in next ch, hdc, sc, slst in last 10 ch, tie off and sew ends together. 
Should look like this before you sew the ends together :)

For the jewel
With white yarn:

Make a tripple knot and sew on to center of crown 

That's it! You're done! Pretty simple huh? If not, read the directions again :P 

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post on the Crochet Mini Crown

Click here for the full tutorial on the Sophia the First Freeze Pop Holder

Sunday, August 9, 2015

What you've missed

Let's start with an updated on Tyler. :) He's now 4yo, and loves being Maddy and Emily's big brother! He loves dinosaurs, helping daddy with sound at church, playing music, swimming, and sports. He's very active, so he pretty much loves everything :P my favorite thing about Tyler, is that he still loves to cuddle... sometimes :)
Love my snuggles with my big boy! 
In other news, we have a house now! The house was totally a God thing! It was the only one we liked, and it was the cheapest :) We've been living here about 3 years.

Loving their newly landscaped backyard! :)
We also have a new car! We knew we would be needing a different car, if we were going to be blessed with more kids. So, the Lord killed our other one in preparation for His newest gift, Emily :) I wasn't very happy my first car was going to be a minivan, but I think it was the best choice, and I love it! It's nice and roomy, and has like 13 cup holders! :P
I think they like it! 
Jeremy and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary! Time sure flies when you're in love :P I'll spare you the sappy details, but he's seriously amazing :)

5th Anniversary staycation! :)
Well I think that about wraps it up! 3 amazing kids, awesome hubs, new house, new car, and new job for Jeremy that you'll have to ask him about :)

Friday, July 31, 2015


Emily Nicole graced us with her presence at 9:42pm on February 20th 2015. She's our smallest little one to date at only 7.11lbs 20 in long. Emily was born on uncle Tommy's birthday, aunt Jamie and uncle Danny's anniversary, and 6 days before big brother's 4th birthday. We have great planning skills when it comes to our kids' birthdays. :P
Meeting brother and sister for the first time!

After 18 long hours, Emily literally fell out as the midwife caught her :P Even though, she was our longest labor, she was the least painful! Baby girl's head was unfortunately the wrong way, so she wasn't able to brake my water. When we made the decision to have the midwife help out, she was finally able to join us :) Jam said they were actually waiting for a room to be available, and we were moved from triage to the room just in time :)
Tyler loves to hold baby sissy! 

Maddy loves to hold baby sissy too!
Emily is our smiley girl, and my little cuddle bug! I was telling Jam and Chris yesterday that there's a reason God gave us another one while we have two toddlers... when brother and sister are having rough days, it's nice to be able to snuggle with one good one.
5 months and almost sitting up by herself! 

Some things about Emily:
1. She's always smiling!
2. Everyone keeps asking us "is she always this good?" :P
3. She loves to sit up, and is just as social as big sister.
4. She looks just like Tyler as a baby, but reminds us of Maddy
5. She rolled in her side when they weighed her after she was born, and started doing it again 3 days before she turned 3 months.
6. She growls like a dinosaur, which she probably learned from her brother :P
7. She loves her thumb!
8. She's our first one that we can put down while she's sleeping and it not be the end of the world. She just finds her thumb, and rolls over. :)

Emily's first 4th of July! 


Madalyn Elizabeth arrived at 6:14 am on November 18th, 2012. She weighed 8.15 lbs and was 21 3/4 in long. She was so small compared to her 9.5lbs brother. :)
Maddy was fortunate enough to be born on her aunt Sissy and cousin Jericho's birthday, and she loves sharing it with them :)
Happy birthday Maddy! 

Maddy's birth was amazing and lasted about 8 hrs with probably 20 mins of pushing. Our midwife had talked Jeremy in to catching her, but she came before he could... he was very relieved :P I remember being surprised at how much my stomach hurt from contracting while nursing the first couple days. My mom said she didn't want to tell me, but that's usually how it is with the second... gee, thanks mom! :) Other than that, it was a wonderful experience, and I'd happily do it again :)
First time meeting brother! 

She's now 2.5yo, and my little cuddler! She has also recently decided she's a toddler, and a very dramatic one at that. Her lovely high pitched screams can be heard from miles away! I think our most used phrase for her is "Oh Maddy, stop. You're fine." In her defense, it's usually brought on by frustration from her brother :P
Feeding her baby and vacuuming

Some things about Maddy:
1. She's currently rolling all around the family room saying "Hi mommy! Mommy, I'm coming back! Mommy did you see me?"
2. She has a beautiful singing voice, and daddy says she has mommy's talent for making up the words :P
3. When she was a baby, she was so excited to see people that she wouldn't nurse if anyone was there, but instead would nurse all night. She would also fight going to sleep, and would have to be walked around for hours!
4. Thankfully, she was a lot easier to get to sleep in her own bed then big brother :)
5. She loves to play and nurse her baby dolls.
6. She is an amazing little sister, big sister, and daughter :)

First outing at Chipotle! 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3 years!

Wow I can't believe it's been 3 years! I'm surprised Blogger hasn't removed me for not posting :P A crazy amount of things have happened since my last post. For starters... we have 2 more kids! :) I feel like I need to write individual posts about them, because Tyler has a few of his own. So, these next few posts with be about my girs, our life now, and what I hope for the future. If you haven't fallen asleep yet, read on... :)