Friday, July 31, 2015


Emily Nicole graced us with her presence at 9:42pm on February 20th 2015. She's our smallest little one to date at only 7.11lbs 20 in long. Emily was born on uncle Tommy's birthday, aunt Jamie and uncle Danny's anniversary, and 6 days before big brother's 4th birthday. We have great planning skills when it comes to our kids' birthdays. :P
Meeting brother and sister for the first time!

After 18 long hours, Emily literally fell out as the midwife caught her :P Even though, she was our longest labor, she was the least painful! Baby girl's head was unfortunately the wrong way, so she wasn't able to brake my water. When we made the decision to have the midwife help out, she was finally able to join us :) Jam said they were actually waiting for a room to be available, and we were moved from triage to the room just in time :)
Tyler loves to hold baby sissy! 

Maddy loves to hold baby sissy too!
Emily is our smiley girl, and my little cuddle bug! I was telling Jam and Chris yesterday that there's a reason God gave us another one while we have two toddlers... when brother and sister are having rough days, it's nice to be able to snuggle with one good one.
5 months and almost sitting up by herself! 

Some things about Emily:
1. She's always smiling!
2. Everyone keeps asking us "is she always this good?" :P
3. She loves to sit up, and is just as social as big sister.
4. She looks just like Tyler as a baby, but reminds us of Maddy
5. She rolled in her side when they weighed her after she was born, and started doing it again 3 days before she turned 3 months.
6. She growls like a dinosaur, which she probably learned from her brother :P
7. She loves her thumb!
8. She's our first one that we can put down while she's sleeping and it not be the end of the world. She just finds her thumb, and rolls over. :)

Emily's first 4th of July! 

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