Sunday, August 9, 2015

What you've missed

Let's start with an updated on Tyler. :) He's now 4yo, and loves being Maddy and Emily's big brother! He loves dinosaurs, helping daddy with sound at church, playing music, swimming, and sports. He's very active, so he pretty much loves everything :P my favorite thing about Tyler, is that he still loves to cuddle... sometimes :)
Love my snuggles with my big boy! 
In other news, we have a house now! The house was totally a God thing! It was the only one we liked, and it was the cheapest :) We've been living here about 3 years.

Loving their newly landscaped backyard! :)
We also have a new car! We knew we would be needing a different car, if we were going to be blessed with more kids. So, the Lord killed our other one in preparation for His newest gift, Emily :) I wasn't very happy my first car was going to be a minivan, but I think it was the best choice, and I love it! It's nice and roomy, and has like 13 cup holders! :P
I think they like it! 
Jeremy and I just celebrated our 5th anniversary! Time sure flies when you're in love :P I'll spare you the sappy details, but he's seriously amazing :)

5th Anniversary staycation! :)
Well I think that about wraps it up! 3 amazing kids, awesome hubs, new house, new car, and new job for Jeremy that you'll have to ask him about :)

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