Monday, January 4, 2016

Crochet Adult Fox Headband

My hubs loves to remind me that I've made hundreds of items, but nothing for him yet. On Halloween I decided to remedy that, and make him a hound hat to go with my fox headband. He was a good sport and agreed to wear it :P You'll find the info for the hound hat at the end, but for now, the fox headband...

This pattern is the property of Brooke Rabideau at BluebabyboutiqueDesignsbyBBB, or brabideau on Ravelry  Feel free to sell any items made, but please link back to me if you share :) 

Crochet Fox Adult Headband

What you’ll need:
 *Size J and H hook
 *I love this yarn in orange, white, and black
 *Crochet needle for sewing in ends

With H hook, 8sc and 9 rows= 2”x 2”

 *ch- chain
 *BB- back bump
 *sc- single crochet
 *dc- double crochet
 *sc dec- single crochet decrease
 *mp- mini picot 

Fox Headband
With orange yarn and a J hook:
 Row 1: ch 66 and turn (or to fit circumference of head)
 Row 2: dc in 2nd chain from hook and in BB of each chain across
 Row 3-5: ch 1 and turn, dc across
 Row 6: sew the two sides together, tie off, and weave in ends

For the Ears
With orange, white, and black yarn and an H hook: make 2 orange and 2 white
 Round 1: ch 8 and turn
 Round 2: sc in 2nd chain from hook and BB in each chain across
 Round 3: ch 1 and turn, sc across
 Round 4: ch1, sc dec, sc next 3 stitches, sc dec
 Round 5: ch1, sc across
 Round 6: ch 1, sc dec, sc, sc dec
 Round 7: ch 1,sc dec, sc
 Round 8: ch 1, sc dec
 Round 9: ch 1, sc around placing 2sc in each corner, slst, tie off, leave a long tail

With orange yarn:
Place the white ear over the orange ear, attach orange yarn to one of the corners, and sc around placing 2 sc in each corner, slst to join. tie off and leave a long tail for sewing on to headband

Attach black yarn 7stitches from the side:
Sc next 3, (mp, sc), sc next 3, tie off and weave in ends     
Attach ears to headband by sewing down to make sure they stay up.

And you're done! Fast and simple :) 

****For the hound hat, you can use any basic pattern for the hat part, and I used this pattern for the ears, but made one ear for each side.*** 

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