Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crochet Chunky Twist Ribbed Earwarmer

A customer send me a pic of this very cool chunky twist earwarmer that she found, and asked if I could recreate it. Well, after searching the internet for hours, I couldn’t find a crochet pattern that I really liked. I did, however, find a YouTube video of a knit version. Let me just say kudos to those of you who knit! Watching this lady knit was like learning a new language, but thankfully I was able to figure out the general form and write a crochet pattern from there. So here it is! Hope you like it! :)

As always, this pattern is the property of Brooke Rabideau at BluebabyboutiqueDesignsbyBBB, or brabideau on Ravelry  Feel free to sell any items made, but please link back to me if you share :)
 Crochet Adult Chunky Twist Ribbed Earwarmer (pictured huge on my 3yo)

What you’ll need:
 *Size N hook
 *Any Chunky or 2 strands of WW Yarn (I used Vanna’s choice and I Love This Yarn)
 *Crochet needle for sewing in ends

Gauge: 3 rows of BBdc=2.5 in  

 *ch- chain
 *dc- double crochet
 *BB- back bump

***Ch2 counts as a DC, so you’ll be working in the ch2 at the end of each row**
With an N hook and yarn of your choice ch 16 and turn
Rnd 1: dc in BB of 2nd ch from hook and each ch across
Rnd 2-22: *ch 2 and turn, dc in BB across* repeat till band reaches 14” (about 20 rows)
Row 23-33: *ch2 and turn, dc in BB of next 7 stitches* repeat till section reaches 7” (about 10 rows) tie off weave in ends
Row 34: attach yarn back at the band 1 stitch away from the other band and repeat rows 23-33 (see pics bellow)

Now take both sections, twist them, and sew them to the other side of the band. Hopefully these pics with be helpful too! :)

***This pattern is for an adult chunky earwarmer, but easily adjustable by taking away a few rows. For 6-9mo size, I made rows 2-22 only 10 rows instead of 20 and did the rest of the pattern the same.***

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